Our Services

Huffaker Roofing provides all types of installations. They can be extensive or limited in scope, as well as full restoration. We have extensive experience with homes and businesses in North Texas and the way construction techniques and products do—and do not—hold up to the elements in this area. This specific expertise, coupled with our understanding of the customer’s expectations and desire to do a good honest job allows us to be the best.

Slate Roofs have protected the castles and cathedrals of Europe for centuries. Roofing slate is carefully quarried from the ground. Having worked on slate roofs for over 15 years, Huffaker Roofing has rediscovered the art of recreating these techniques for your natural slate roof.

Huffaker Roofing carries only the highest quality products, from new clay roof tile that gives a rustic handmade appearance to natural slate roofing of varying textures and elegant colors. Our line of Antique Roof Tiles and Slate provide an authentic old world look that is both beautiful and durable.


* New Roof Installations
* Complete tear off and replacements
* Slate roofs
* Complete job site clean up and removal
* Free Estimates